Preservers of Immortal Lore - Mummy's Mask Adventure Path

Empty Graves (Act 2)

Searching for the source of the undead rising!

Roll for Initiative!

After a tense week (6 days) of daily treks throughout Wati attempting to clean up the city streets, the PIL were finally ready to begin their search for the source of the undead rising. It seemed easy enough: Nakht Shepses pointed them toward a cult of Lamia’s, Sebti the Crocodile pointed out the location of no less than five elegiac compasses (designed to locate the source of necromantic energy), and Ptemenib even forwarded them to some dark folk contacts he is associated with.

What could go wrong?

For starters, Velriana Hypaxes apparently did not survive her incarceration and was revived when the wave spread across Wati. Unfortunately, the not-so-uncommon practice of taking hardened criminals’ eyes out had been performed (which led to her demise) blinding her permanently. Rising as a Revenant, Velriana blamed the PIL for the fate she had to endure, and immediately found them at the exit of the Smugglers’ Tunnels.

After dispatching Velriana the Revenant, things failed to improve. Of the three compasses already visited, only one was operational, and enabling it required a rather distasteful duel with an angry crystal dragon. Shardizhad was most displeased with the PIL and immediately set upon them (never blow a diplomacy check with an impatient dragon). Fortunately, the fates were playing favorites and the PIL managed to overcome the petulant dragon allowing them to at least narrow their search to a line running through the middle of the city of the dead.

Along the way, the PIL also managed to dispatch the Lamia cult (though only one was present, and she was saved) and save the dark folk tribe from the defector, though gaining very little other than a few rumors and a seemingly worthless star chart (without any context, it could mean anything).

The PIL are currently holed up in the Cenotaph of the Cynic, former home to the Lamia cult. Zar and Meera are busily searching through the various documents (nearly a full day of effort is required) for any clues to the source. Next up are the two remaining compass locations: the Ghoul Market, and the Tomb of Menket Maatya. Hopefully at least one of these will provide some more insight… searching every building, structure, or hole in the ground along a 1000 yard line through the middle of the city of the dead is not a preferred plan.


You are all now at level 6. 23850 XP.

Empty Graves (Act 2)

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