Meera Sri


Name: Meera Sri
Player: Cindy

Race: Human (Vudrani)
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Height: 5’1”
Weight: 89lbs
Hair: Long, black, usually braided or up
Eyes: Pale Amber
Complexion: Light Tan
Attire: Well-made Vudrani styled adventurer’s outfit with Irori holy symbol, beads, and holy text.

Parents: Kahdhi and Sretta Sri
Siblings: Anesha (30YO, married and moved out), Arrett (28YO, taken up adventuring and moved, hasn’t been heard from in three years), Shanash (27YO, married and wife and two children moved in), Khalar (26YO), Shasess (24YO)
Other Relatives: Navaretta (Paternal grandmother), Marana (Unmarried paternal aunt), Rava (Paternal cousin, orphan, taken in as another sibling, 24YO), large extended family of aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Meera’s family is large and poor, living in a small and crowded hovel within the Cliff Fisher’s dwellings that hang precariously above the Obari Ocean. She was the youngest of six. By the age of two, she helped to repair the nets damaged during the daily fishing, and by four she helped to care for her elderly grandmother while the rest of the family was fishing. It was at this age that, while lowering the canoes down the cliff-face at the start of the morning’s work, a rope broke free, sending the boat and Meera’s father tumbling down the rocky edge to the sea below. Kahdhi was rushed to a temple for healing. While he was able to be treated, the family found themselves without the funds to pay. However, they did have one option: a child could be turned over, to be raised in the church to be a priest when it grew up. Meera, the youngest at seven, was handed over with heavy hearts.

Although quiet and skittish at first, Meera quickly took to life in the temple. She learned to read as if she were learning to breathe: every word, every sentence coming effortlessly, filling her with new life, new energy. She did not merely read the thick, aged tomes: she devoured them. Within weeks she had caught up with her peers, outpacing them within months. While she still worshipped Ashukharma as she had at home, Meera found herself drawn more and more to Irori.

The years passed quickly as Meera grew. At 14, Meera went through her low ordination, or Pabbajja, to become a Sikkhamānā, or Nun-in-training. At 20, she went through her high ordination, or Upasampada, to become a Bhikṣuṇī, or Nun.

Two years have since passed, and Meera is now on a year-long pilgrimage to visit the temples of Irori in Osiria, and to study the rich history of that country.

Meera is confident, cheerful, friendly, and helpful. She is highly intelligent, knowing a number of languages, both active and dead. However, she tends to be overly-optimistic at times and rather naïve, trusting when sometimes she should not. She takes her relationship with her god and church very seriously, and will not break any of her vows.

Meera is quick to make friends and quick to forgive enemies. She shows respect and politeness when meeting new people, even when it is not returned. She is on good terms with those at her temple back home in Niswan, and remains in contact and on good terms with her family.
Anck-Su-Natari- While Meera finds the local woman to be charming and fascinating, she is also rather abashed by her. She is also very uncomfortable- but getting better- around Anck-Su-Natari’s snake.
Bumi Bei Fong- Meera finds the Oreand to be rather familiar, reminding her of home. Since learning Bumi has no faith, she has begun efforts to persuade him to follow Irori.
Kur- Meera is uncertain what to make of the Ifrit as she has had little time with him.
Lux- Like with Kur, Meera has had little time with the Halfling in which to form a relationship.
Zaroola The Traveler- Meera values Zaroola as a peer and ally, and respects his knowledge and ideas.

Meera prizes her holy symbol and a bracelet made of shells that her brother made for her, as well as her books.

Meera was born into one of the lower castes, but upon being taken in by the church she was shifted to the Samana, or Religious, caste.

Meera’s vows: Know the truth, free your mind of evil, say nothing that hurts others, work for the good of others, respect life, resist evil, practice meditation, care for your body and health, control your thoughts.

She mostly eats rice, fruit or vegetables, and nuts. She does not eat meat or drink alcohol. However, if she is at an event and it would be more disruptive to avoid eating meat or drinking alcohol, she will do so to keep the peace. Since arriving in Osiria, she has taken to eating more hummis in lieu of the less common rice.

In addition to her daily meditation, exercises, and prayers to Irori, she prays to Gruhastha and Likha, and to Ashrukharma to protect and have mercy on her family.

Meera Sri

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